Sedona's Best Adventures in 5's

Red Rock Adventure Shortlist

Here's the quick and dirty details on Sedona's Best Hiking Adventures broken into 5's. Ranked in order of preference for your convenience and viewing pleasure!! Follow the shiny things.... Ready. Set. GO!!!!!

Our Recommended Self-Guided Hikes: Easy Hikes/Moderate Hikes/Hard Hikes

Explore Northern Arizona's Native American Cultural Sites: Ready to Explore Cliff Dwellings, Pueblos, and Petroglyphs

Possible Handicap Accessibe/Stroller Friendly Sites

1) Red Rock State Park, 1-3 miles/75ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

2) Crescent Moon Picnic Area, 1.4 miles/50ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

3) Oak Creek Vista Overlook, .5 miles/75ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

4) Wilson Canyon Trail, Up to 2.4 miles/320ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

5) Bell Rock Vista, 3.9 miles/220ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

Sedona's Best Creekside Hikes

1) West Fork Trail, 6.4 miles/245ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

2) Baldwin to Tempelton Trail, 3 miles/370ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

3) Bell Trail, 7 miles/340ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

4) Parsons Trail, 8 miles/600ft, SUV Clearance, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

5) Allens Bend, 1.2 miles/50ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

Sedona's Best Sunrise/Sunset Hikes

1) Cathedral Rock Trail,1.8 miles/750ft, Hard, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

2) Doe Mountain Trail, 1.8 miles/500ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

3) Crescent Moon Picnic Area, .75 mile/375ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

4) Cowpies, 1.2 miles/140ft, 4x4/HIgh-Clearance, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

5) Scheurman Vista, .6 miles/325ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

Sedona's Best Shaded/Fall Foliage Hikes

1) Boynton Canyon Trail, 6.5 miles/650ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

2) West Fork Trail, 6.4 miles/245ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

3) Harding Springs Trail, 1.4 miles/750ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

4) Fay Canyon Trail, 2.4 miles/195ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

5) Sterling Pass Trail, 5 miles/1,000ft x 2, Hard, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

Sedona's Best Summertime Swimming Hikes

1) Grasshopper Point to Allens Bend, 1 mile, 50ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

2) Huckaby Trail from Midgley Bridge, .8 miles, 375ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

3) Wet Beaver Creek, 1/2 Mile, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

4) West Clear Creek via Bullpen Day Use Area, 7 miles/350ft, 4x4, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

5) Slide Rock State Park, .5 miles/75ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

Sedona's Best Winter Hikes

1) Munds Wagon to Cowpies, 7.5 miles/875ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

2) Mescal Trail via Deadmans Pass, 5 miles/325ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

3) Bell Rock Pathway, 3.9 miles/220ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

4) Baldwin Loop, 2.5 miles/170ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

5) Slim Shady Trail, 5 miles, 280ft, Moderate, MAP/Google Maps

Sedona's Best Vortex Hikes

1) Boynton Canyon, 6.5 miles/650ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

2) Cathedral Rock Trail, 1.8 miles/750ft, Hard, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

3) Bell Rock Pathway, 3.9 miles/220ft, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

4) Airport Loop, 3.5 miles/280ft, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

5) *Cowpies Trail, 1.2 miles/140ft, 4X4, Easy, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

*Local Sacred Site

Sedona's Best Native American Cultural Sites

1) Honanki Heritage Site, 4X4, Easy, $5, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

2) Palatki Heritage Site, 4X4, Easy, RESV REQD, $5, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

3) V-Bar-V Heritage Site, Easy, $5, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

4) Montezumas Castle National Monument, Handicap Access, Easy, $5, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

5) Montezumas Well National Monument, Easy, Free, INFO/MAP/SITE/Google Maps

Sedona's Best Overnight Backpacking Trips

1) Secret Canyon Loop, 4X4, 7-16 miles/375ft, Water After Rain (Filter), Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

2) West Fork Backwaters, 10-20 miles/245ft/Water (Stream w/Filter), Hard, INFO/INFO#2/MAP/Google Maps

3) Loy Canyon to Secret Mountain, 16-22 miles, 2,300ft, Cow Tank (Filter), Hard, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

4) Sterling Pass to Vultee Arch to Dry Creek, 5-12 miles/1,000ft, No Water, Moderate, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

5) Wilson Mountain North to South, 7-12 miles/2,450, No Water, INFO/MAP/Google Maps

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The Best Self-Guided Hikes in Sedona: Easy Hikes/Moderate Hikes/Hard Hikes

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