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Sedona Hiking Tour Locations

Sedona's Best Creekside Hikes

Explore the most sacred and awe-inspiring canyons in Sedona. Our guided creekside hikes will leave you breathless; from both astonishing beauty and the frigid stream waters of Red Rock Country. The healthy, lush canyons in Sedona, are a perfect way to escape the heat and reflect. Our creekside hikes can range from Easy to Difficult and cover 1 - 14 miles in one day. Our permitted creekside locations will take you to the most beautiful riparian areas in Arizona. We'll bring the hammocks!!

Sedona's Highest Mountain Summits

Stand on top of Sedona's highest summits, above the roads, helicopters, Jeep's, and all other visitors to find the most inspiring views in Red Rock Country. These outings offer opportunities to see eagles, falcons, and an up close experience with Sedona's most unique geological formations. Our guides can carry all the weight too, so your group can travel lighter and focus more on photography and enjoying your experience.

Sedona's Most Remote Wilderness Areas

Hike through the most remote and pristine Wilderness areas in Sedona to find the tranquility of the lush desert landscape in the deepest corners of Red Rock Country. These outings offers the best opportunity to see wild animals including: deer, javelina, bobcats. bear, seasonal birds, and reptiles. With weather permitting, secret desert waterfalls serve as our favorite wilderness adventures. Our Half/Full Day outings will allow you to reach the deepest ends of Sedona's Wilderness.

Award Winning Hiking Tours

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Each one of our Sedona Hiking Tours comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Since our creation in 2011, we have guaranteed every outing we've ever led. We're dedicated to first-class service and have created Sedona's best overall adventure tours and hiking guides.

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Customized & Private Adventures

Our private Sedona hiking tours are customized to your abilities and interests with professional guides leading every step of way. Our hiking tours can utilize up to 32 different permitted trails in Sedona and our guides can create over 200 unique hiking adventure combinations for your private group in Red Rock Country. 

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Romance & Photography Tours

Each of our Sedona Hiking Tours can be tailored for anniversaries, wedding parties, family friendly adventures, or photography guidance. Don't just do what everyone else does... Do a Jeep Tour, ride a helicopter, etc.. Activate your senses, and elevate your desire for "real adventure" this year. Our guides will lead you to the best area's for photography and sharing time with your greatest loves.

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Sedona Hiking Tours

Two Hour: Sedona Explorer

Duration: 2 Hours

Distance: 1 - 3 Miles

Sites Visited: 1 Hike

Cost: $90/Hiker

Three Person Minimum

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Three Hour: Guided Expedition

Duration: 3 Hours

Distance: 3 - 5 Miles

Sites Visited: 1 - 2 Hikes

Cost: $125/Hiker

Two Person Minimum

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Half Day: Red Rock Excursion

Duration: 4.5 Hours

Distance: 5 - 8 Miles

Sites Visited: 1 - 3 Hikes

Cost: $165/Hiker

Two Person Minimum

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Full Day: Ultimate Red Rock Adventure

Duration: 6 Hours

Distance: 6 - 20+ Miles

Sites Visited: 1 - 4 Hikes

Cost: $215/Hiker

Two Person Minimum

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Night Hikes: Sedona Moonlight Adventures

Enjoy any of our outings at night for a customized epic adventure you will never forget!! We provide the headlamps and all the gear needed. These adventures offer unmatched solitude and clear evening skies to watch for shooting stars and distant planets.

Cost: $90/$125

Two Person Minimum

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Specialty Outings: Photography, Romance, Creek Adventures, Family Hikes

Let our guides set up a private Sedona photography tour, family friendly adventure, creek exploration, or special anniversary hike for you in the most seldom visited places in Red Rock Country. Your experience will be customized to your favorite hobbies, interests, special Sedona celebrations, and unique needs.

Cost: Call/Email for Customized Pricing

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Sedona Guided Hikes

Trail Lovers Excursions, LLC: Creating Experiences That Last a Lifetime

Sedona Permitted Outfitter

Red Rock Rock Ranger District and Coconino National Forest

Trail Lovers Excursions, LLC is a United States Forest Service (USFS) permitted company of Coconino National Forest and the Red Rock Ranger District in Sedona, Arizona. Our tours in Sedona are conducted on the Coconino National Forest, under permit by and in partnership with the USFS. Our Sedona based outings, take place only on sanctioned forest service trails, in permitted areas of Coconino National Forest. We are dedicated to educating our clients and other visitors about the importance of preservation, impact management, and "Leave No Trace Ethics".  Similiar to the  US Forest Service, our mission in Sedona is "caring for the land and serving people." 

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